What is Bizsift?

Bizsift is a listing service that connects business buyers and sellers.

Bizsift is currently in the alpha stage of development and creating listings on Bizsift is free during this time.

What is New?

Sift page functionally complete

You can now search for listing based on: Title/Description Geographic location Semantic tags Financial information

Added sitemap

In robots.txt and in page footer.

Geocoding for listing addresses working

First step on the path to geographic search. Listing addresses are geocoding using Bing Maps in a way that does not block the thread responding to web request.

Tag search

Clicking on tags will now find listings with the same tag.

“Track this listing” button now redirects to login page for unauthed users

Experimented with putting the button on the right-handed nav bar, but this puts it too far down on the page when viewing the site on mobile.